Movie Soundtracks That Close To My Heart

I was listening to Never Knew I Needed just now. And now I would like to share some of my favorite movie soundtracks that I have on my playlist, well yeah including Ne-Yo's song. I actually listened to so many soundtracks, but these songs below are my most most most favorite ever. So here they are:

Ne-Yo - Never Knew I Needed (Princess and the Frog) // this song to be honest, hands down, is one of my ultimate favorite. The idea of Ne-Yo sings into my ears blows my mind. I love how it suits the movie very well. I only watched it once though haha. That's when I know I have to watch it again. First, to enjoy the movie and second for the song.

The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice (50 First Dates) // I freakin' love this movie you have no idea.

Charlie Puth ft Wiz Khalifa - See You Again (Fast & Furious 7) // I cried during THAT goodbye scene and this is where the song was being played.

Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You? (About Time) // a folk-rock band, The Waterboys is the original singer but I love Ellie's version more since hers was used for the soundtrack, of course. I don't know, I found the lyrics pretty interestingly funny but meaningful at the same time. It's one of those many songs which its existence you could never forget. Especially when you love the movie. *hint* *hint*

The Cure - Friday I'm In Love (About Time) // again and again, a soundtrack from About Time. Geez, I think I love that movie a little bit too much. I love how this song captures my heart, yes from its lyrics.

Ben Folds - The Luckiest (About Time) // now you already know how much I love this movie and how these three songs are included in this list.

OneRepublic ft Logic - Start Again (13 Reasons Why) // I  know it's a series and lol I don't even watch it. But this song reminds me of me and my greatest sin. It still hurts whenever I listen to this but weird thing is I love the feeling. You know, the feeling of guilt, shame, sadness, excited, every abundant feelings.

Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams (A Million Dreams) // a movie that instantly made me cry, only in its first 15 minutes! This movie is so realistic it makes you weep. I was almost in the same situation about some part of the movies, especially this song really hits me hard.


Singapore // June 9th - 13th

So last June my family and I went to Singapore for a short trip. Actually the main reason was to attend Niall's Flicker tour on June 12nd. My sister and I already bought the tickets from last year, but the problem with conservative parents is they won't let us travel alone. So that's how finally the five us went to this island-country-city.

We started off at dawn after our suhoor and fajr prayer. Our trip to airport was smooth since it was in the early morning and my uncle is just a good driver. We waited there for at least 2 hours until our take off around 8.35 AM. No breakfast because we were fasting at that time.

The flight took 1,5 hours until the arrival at Changi Airport which means around 11.30 SGT. Before we went to the immigration, we submitted this form for our check-out later. No problem. But it took almost 1 hour for that. The immigration staff was doing all this stuff because it was our first time in Singapore and apparently because of  the Singapore summit in just a few days. So they had to check everything thoroughly before letting us out from the airport. No pressure. 

Mom also hired a tour guide for our stay in Singapore. She wanted everything to be arranged and organized. Well, ok but it was only for two days lol. Doesn't matter though we could always travel around the city by ourselves. We stayed in an apartment called Kasturina Lodge at Kay Poh Road, just across the Kay Poh Road Baptist Church and only 10 minutes away from Orchard.

Day 1 (9/6)
Esplanade Park and Cavenagh Bridge

mom and dad

Merlion Park

my beautiful sister

love of  my life :D

Singapore Flyer 
We didn't get to try this one of Singapore's iconic icons because apparently it took too long in the air and everyone in my family scared of heights.

Chocolate factory and souvenir shop
Mom went extra here. She bought 200 SGD worth of chocolates!


Day 2 (10/6)
Gardens by the Bay
We literally in awe when we first entered the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest Dome! I mean such beautiful place exists!

Marina Bay Sands
Would love to stay in this hotel for once in a lifetime.

Bugis and Arab Street
One of my favorite places. These places were like food heavens. Foods everywhere. Too bad we were fasting that time haha. But we managed to try some for our breakfasting and yes they're all yummy! :) Happy belly, happy me.

Man! This place oh my god I still can't get over how crowded it was!

Day 3 (11/6)
Mom allowed us to shop for clothes at Orchard. We went to Paragon and other mall but man everything is too pricey there! So we finally ended up shopping at H&M nearby lol.

After that we went to Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition at ArtScience Museum. It was a lot of fun. My brother is a big Marvel fan and he was so excited about going here.

Day 4 (12/6) - Flicker Tour (FINALLY!)

This concert was actually the highlight of this whole 5 days trip. Me, my little sister, and Riska (a friend of mine) had so much fun there even though Riska's seat was like on the other side of ours. The last time I saw Niall was in One Direction's On The Road Tour in 2015, so that was 3 years ago. Seeing him singing on the stage again after 3 years is such a joy to me. I was and will always be a Niall's girl. I'm telling you guys, his singing ability HAS IMPROVED A LOT. I am very proud of him and for what he has achieved on his solo career.

We had no idea about his set list that night but I knew he was gonna sing Fool's Gold and I'd cry myself out. Cindy too oh my god I didn't know I missed One Direction so much after that one song. Well we were more surprised when Drag Me Down was being played! My sister and I was like....what song is this....wait.....OMG! No we didn't cry this time but so HYPED thanks to Niall. He really brighten up the mood by changing the whole ambience with his upbeat songs after the mellow ones! I love this guy.

Oh and he was so funny as well. He threw out jokes about the heat and that he was dehydrated and how he kept drinking the beverages he brought behind him. Yes, Niall I feel you. Also he teased this couple for being so lovey-dovey. Ugggghh ain't he cute?! Oh, before the concert we had our first Nando's hehe.

Day 5 (13/6)
Our last day here. We didn't do much, only went to Bugis Junction to watch Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom while waiting for our flight home around 8 pm. Mom and Dad laughed about how the movie didn't have at least English subtitle. Instead they have Chinese subtitle so they almost didn't understand the whole conversations. But thanks to the plot, they caught up about what happened in the movie.

Overall, our first trip together was fun and it was a new experience for all of us. Here's to more trips in the future!

March Recap


First of all, I'm really sorry for the lack of entries. Between the end of March and early April were harsh. I'll just update you, or just my blog on how my March went. Without further ado, here we go.

Movies watched:

1. Get Out
Initially, I forgot to catch up with this movie once it was out. But thankfully I got to watch it at work since it was one of our movies material to be translated to Bahasa Indonesia.
I gotta tell you I fell in love with Daniel Kaluuya in this movie. I got attracted with the whole plot and such an eye-opening movie because I got to know some histories about the movie's background. I mean it led me to Jordan Peele interviews I watched on YouTube. 9/10
2. Lady Bird
Another coming of age movie which someone people can relate to. Not for me though. Overall I enjoyed watching it while I was having my lunch.  8/10

3. The Greatest Showman
Probably the best movie of 2017???? I don't know though but personally I think so haha. This movie attacked me right in the heart. I think we're all able to relate to the moral of this movie. Your loved ones is not always those with all the fortune in the world. But the one who's willing to stand with him/her through thick and thin building their dreams together. 10,5/10

4. Shape of Water
Uhmm... I must say this movie caused me confusion even after I read the reviews, theories, and all. I didn't say I don't like it, it's just...very unique. Unique in a way it makes you speechless. Great how the reception it received especially from this year's Oscars and don't forget other awards. 5/10

5. Kingsman: The Golden Circle
I know I'm way behind but this movie is gold. I loved it. I watched the first Kingsman movie as well and for me the 2nd movie wasn't boring at all. Sometimes you'd find another sequels boring or dull because they kind of forced the plot. Didn't happen to this case though. 8/10

So those are the list of movies I watched on March. I've also finished The End of the Fucking World. Loooooved it to the bits. It is a drama that is very dark but enjoyable as hell. I wish I was as cool as Alyssa but meh. 

On life....well here it is. On March 11th was my boyfriend's birthday. We didn't have any plans like how we spent his birthday last year. He didn't want to go anywhere. We decided to stay at my place and hang out. But my family asked us to join them to have lunch together. I asked him if it was okay and he agreed. So went to TaWan at Giant Bekasi for lunch. I must say it was the first time ever I brought a guy for lunch with my main family. It was amazing though. After that, my family went to movie while we went somewhere for snacks and just hung out at MM. It was a fun day. Oh and I gave him a t-shirt and shirt as his gifts.

Lately I've been wanted to run away from people. I really wanted to be alone, just me and the loneliness. I thought that it'd be cool to spend one night at a hotel away from people I know. So I supposed to be out with my friends at March 24th and stay at her place. But one of my friend told us to postpone it because she needed to take care of her father. So I didn't wanna waste my chance. I decided to leave home to this hotel called Yello! in Harmoni and stay there for one night. Yes I lied to my parents, grandma, and even my boyfriend. The only thing they know was I was spending my night at my friend's place in Kalibata. I'm so sorry T_T Well I already said the truth to my boyfriend though. He was kind of upset but just that. I will also try to review my stay at Yello! Hotel Harmoni soon.

At the end of March around the 29th-31th and April 5th-6th, I got sick. I didn't go to work for 5 days in total. My body temperature was high as hell you could actually boil an egg. I can't even describe how hellish it was whenever I got sick. After visited 2 doctors I've finally regained my health back.

So I think that's all from me. I will keep in touch soon with a review of local lipstick :3



“You can be addicted to a certain kind of sadness”.
This bit of lyrics from globally known song released in 2011 must be familiar to us. Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" was such a bop at that time. That only occurs to some people though. The rest probably sick of it since it had been played only God knows how many times a day in radio. But for those some people like me, that particular verse gives a deep meaning.

Oddly, after finished reading this article, I realized that the lyric suits my condition for these past 3 years. I was too attached to my own feelings. I was so certain that what I felt was love when it's just simply sadness. Sadness from the past which resulted from a permanent scar that I hope could be erased from my life, from me. Because love won't let you lower your self-esteem or confidence. It supposed to boost them out of anything it needs to keep you stay in love and being loved.

Time still running but I can't seem to know when will all of this ends. I'm tired, sad, I feel pathetic about myself. Or even embarrassed. I just don't know what to do about this. I feel torn inside and outside. How to pull down the sadness inside of me? People may find this ridiculous or feel that I exaggerate things. I don't want to feel what I've been feeling this whole time, you know. I just want to run away from the stuff that breaks me down. But how?